Thursday, September 1, 2011

September Summer's Last Day ... Indian Summer is on it's way!

I've been pretty busy lately!
Here's the quick version & Thanks for catching up with me ;)

School has finally begun, both children are shopped for, supplied and in for the second week.  Our fourth grader is loving her new teacher &  had a great start!  The little one is in Montessori & I would say this:  Had I known how AMAZING this teaching method was, all my kids would have been schooled this way.  The insight is fascinating, but the way it effects children is truly a miraculous journey to watch! This is Allison's second year in Montessori.  All I can say is ... WOW!

This week we had a great start ... but I've heard flu season is beginning early this year.  It seems like I had just heard someone say that at Target when I received a phone call telling me to come get Allie ... she had a fever.  After a day was spent at the doctors, we arrived home with prescriptions and care directions.

The following day, Open House for our oldest was on the schedule.  It lasted into the evening & it was so crowded, it felt a bit like being in a sardine can!  But it was fun, hectic, loud and informative.

There's so much going on and the holidays are upcoming too. I shoot Winterhaven every year. Christmas is one of my favorite holidays.  I'm hoping to volunteer photographing on school field trips at the Pumpkin Patch & Apple Annie's Orchard.  If your school would like a volunteer photographer for a school field trip, just give me a shout out!   Anyone who would be planning a family outing at either place & would like some  photo's complimentary, just email me an inquiry and we can work out times & dates.

Last week I photographed for Jill William's Author's book signing at the Public Library (A big glass room with flourescent light & lots of reflective bounce back!) ....   I'll also be following at Antigone's Books for Their Authors series.   I'll post more events as they come up.

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