Wednesday, October 19, 2011

September Blur ...October ...

On Tuesday, September 13, 2011, my father was admitted into the hospital for acute renal failure.  He had been ill since September 8th, but declined to get medical attention for several reasons; But I believe the number one reason was that he believed he was stronger & that he could beat it.  .

We know that he felt well on September 7th and was sick with what he thought was a flu or food poisoning at about 1:30pm on September 8th.  September 8th was my sister Celest's birthday.  September 7th was my birthday.  He emailed two birthday cards out one a minute before midnight, the other a minute past midnight.  To this, we thought Dad was sharp as a tac; It was a false sense of security. 

On Thursday, he texted our Priest that he was unfortunately going to miss Wednesday services as he was still feeling ill.  He mistakenly also sent the text to his daughters.  That was the beginning of all worlds colliding.  I called dad to ask him how was he doing.  He, being the strong guy, said he was quite all right & he would be just fine.  On Friday, I called him & he said the same thing ...  "I'm  fine. Don't worry. I'll tough it out."      On Saturday, I called him pushing for medical attention.  Then I began texting him.   I reminded him that 4 days was too long to wait even for someone my age. One text  he sent ... "It's the weekend and ll there is 911...or the emergency room.  I want to see my own doctor on Monday" ...  I brought him chicken noodle soup and checked his vitals. They were perplexing.  His throat was terribly sore.  He was trying to push fluids, but was having trouble.  He still declined medical.  I became frustrated.   He walked me out to my car.  His eyes looked wrong.  They looked glassy and he seemed disconnected.  I couldn't stand it ... he wanted me to go home.  I called and called ... He would not see the doctor until Monday.  He had so many things to take care of.  On Monday he said he had forgotten the time and before he knew it, it was too late.  All that night I called him.  He was getting angry.  I was ready to call the paramedics.

Those who know my father, know that he is unerringly stubborn to the nth degree.  He will do things his way or not at all.  PERIOD.  He is the Dad, and he will always be the DAD.  When we were children, we were to respect him, because he knew best ... because, well ... because he was DAD.

So when it was time to call it, I hesitated out of respect & love.  I paced the floors trying to figure out a way to resolve it without having to drag him out and him be pissed off at me for eternity.   I decided to call the paramedics with no sirens and meet them outside his home.  I would call him to abide by respect to tell him I was coming over, so he would not be caught indiscreet.  A mistake .... on my part I should have just done it and tossed care out the window.   He was upset.

He was awake all that night, he said he was arguing on the phone.  We argued in the morning.  He wanted me to call my aunt.  I told him I would if he went to the ER or the doctor.  We argued some more.   He texted me .... "I'm at the doctors NOW"... It was 11:00 AM Tuesday, October 13th, 2011.   Shortly thereafter, he was in the ER and diagnosed with acute renal failure. 

When all this began, my little Sister Susan was in Montana on vacation visiting my sister littlest sister,  Celest at the time.   I can't even remember when she returned.   But she was there, in the ER and we have been there by his side since.

Today is Wednesday, October 19, 2011.   My Dad is still fighting for his life.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

September Summer's Last Day ... Indian Summer is on it's way!

I've been pretty busy lately!
Here's the quick version & Thanks for catching up with me ;)

School has finally begun, both children are shopped for, supplied and in for the second week.  Our fourth grader is loving her new teacher &  had a great start!  The little one is in Montessori & I would say this:  Had I known how AMAZING this teaching method was, all my kids would have been schooled this way.  The insight is fascinating, but the way it effects children is truly a miraculous journey to watch! This is Allison's second year in Montessori.  All I can say is ... WOW!

This week we had a great start ... but I've heard flu season is beginning early this year.  It seems like I had just heard someone say that at Target when I received a phone call telling me to come get Allie ... she had a fever.  After a day was spent at the doctors, we arrived home with prescriptions and care directions.

The following day, Open House for our oldest was on the schedule.  It lasted into the evening & it was so crowded, it felt a bit like being in a sardine can!  But it was fun, hectic, loud and informative.

There's so much going on and the holidays are upcoming too. I shoot Winterhaven every year. Christmas is one of my favorite holidays.  I'm hoping to volunteer photographing on school field trips at the Pumpkin Patch & Apple Annie's Orchard.  If your school would like a volunteer photographer for a school field trip, just give me a shout out!   Anyone who would be planning a family outing at either place & would like some  photo's complimentary, just email me an inquiry and we can work out times & dates.

Last week I photographed for Jill William's Author's book signing at the Public Library (A big glass room with flourescent light & lots of reflective bounce back!) ....   I'll also be following at Antigone's Books for Their Authors series.   I'll post more events as they come up.

Sonny Says Hello

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Welcome To Sonny Says Hello

Who is Sonny Says Hello?

I'm known as Cindy to friends & family & the owner of the multi-faceted creative project which I've named "Sonny Says Hello".  

Originally from Chicago, Illinois & spent much of my time there being creative & rebellious. In 1972, my family packed up the little red VW bus for a road trip that cut through expansive landscapes & breathtaking sunsets. We arrived in Arizona at the beginning of an amazing & thunderous monsoon season. 

I had never been on a road trip that I could then remember; Yet there I was with my 3 little sisters.  We were miserably hot that summer, but that didn't stop us from giving each other more misery.  That's when my then nickname, 'Sonny' arrived in my little teenage head.  I liked it. My sisters laughed.  "Who would Sonny be then?" they asked?  I replied, "Sonny is vibrant, happy and the sun always shines on her. She is joyful, creative and always growing." "Growing into what?" they retorted as they elbowed each other.  At the time, it was all I had. I'm a shiksa. What do you want?   There's a photograph we took at one of our tour de-restaurant ala sight seeing moments.  I'm wearing a funny pair of white shorts (I hated shorts at the time but it was ungodly hot)  ... and I'm smiling ... in the sun.  Yeah, I need to find that photo.  I hated it then.  I love it now.

I hail from a well creative family.  My Mother was an artist; She worked during the day at the newspaper.  She sketched, painted & created every other spare moment of her days.  My father was the photographer; He was also the second tenor in the Chicago Lyric Opera!.  Dad worked at the utility company during the day & often pulled 24 hours shifts in the dead of night & in the frost of winter.  During his spare hours and weekends, he sang.  He immersed himself in photography.  The darkroom was the most mysterious place in the house ... I loved it there & so the seed took root.  One day I hope to shoot with my father's most favored cameras from ages past. 

Many, many things have occurred between then and now, as does in most everyone's life.  But the truth is, Sonny was born in the 1970's and almost forgotten until a creative resurgence flooded  my life & propelled this idea forward.  Within this time I've married, had children, divorced, remarried a wonderful man; And my children have graced me with 9 amazing grandchildren.

Yes.  Life happened.   But the creative life, always present, had never really been built upon.  It needed a foundation.  That foundation came slowly by learning who I was.  My life defined me.  Now I define  my life. I'm joyous & creative. The sun always shines on me. I'm in the moment. I love to be vibrant, creative, brilliant, funny ... Sonny has become 'Sonny Says Hello' -- 40 years later.

Today I mostly shoot with Canon. 
I began Sonny Says Hello Photography in 2009.

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Tiny Life ... A Journey Begins.

It's a blessed journey for our Granddaughter, Claire. She was born premature on April 15th at 12:04 in the afternoon, only 25 weeks old. She weighed 1 pound 7 ounces. She arrived via Cesarean section; A rude awakening to the new world awaited her. During the weeks that have followed, Claire has been on a ventilator, fed intravenously. In order to provide the best medical care possible, she has required blood transfusions. Holding her or touching her would present too much of a risk. Her mommy & daddy could only talk to her in an effort to comfort during this fragile time. During the first week of her life in the NICU, they found a 1.7mm hole in her heart. Her lungs were filling with blood and she would tire easily. She was 'riding' the ventilator as she was too tired to breath on her own. After administering medication to speed her heart to heal. She miraculously recuperated & the hole healed to .7mm. Unfortunately, this was not good enough. She began riding the ventilators a day later and her lungs were filling again. She was taken to surgery where they performed heart surgery on little Claire, grateful for every prayer, healing thought &  powerful gesture!!  We waited.

Claire came out of surgery still fighting. The doctors listed her critical & we waited. One week later, Claire has been taken off the ventilators, and is looking forward to her first feeding. Today, her mommy gets to hold her. Thankfully, Claire is thriving! Her heart is healing.

THANK YOU!!!  Thank You To every single person who kept Claire in their thoughts, prayers, daily blessings & healing circles. The action of prayer & healing is a powerful thing!  Never under estimate it's presence in your life! If we only knew it's breadth we could move mountains!

Now we look forward to Claire moving forward in her life, moving home to be with her family! She has a big Sister, Big Brother, her Mommy & Daddy and an loving beautiful world full of Grandmothers, Grandfathers, Uncles, Aunts, Cousins and a circle of friends who look forward to greeting her home!

Hurry little angel! 
Get well and speed home to all that wait for you with open arms!

"Angels are often silent, 
But they are listening to every thought that stirs our soul."

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Welcome To Sonny Says Hello

Hello & Welcome to my newest adventure: My Blogger.

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